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Community & Educational Outreach 

Circus is an incredible tool for self confidence,

body awareness, and community connection. 


Our cast is multi talented and has the ability to offer a wide range of circus activities.  

As circus is so varied, there is always an element which is attainable by every physical ability. Everyone is capable.

We have taught hula hooping to adults with physical disabilities, clowning to senior citizens and tubbing to toddlers. Circus is an effective way to increase physical and cognitive capacities, as well as strengthen emotional and social health. 


All our performers/teachers have a valid Working with Children's Check and vast experience teaching students young and old. Classes are approached with  joy, laughter and safety. We aim to encourage our students to take home a love of circus and pride in their newly gained ability.  


Please see below for an example of or classes on offer.




A one off workshop involves learning to manipulate a hula hoop on the waist, neck and hands. A number of “show biz” flourishes and fun tricks will be added towards the end of a session which will culminate in a short routine. 



With a focus on cardio and stretching this class gives students specific exercises and drills to take home to slowly build strength. Fitness with a hula hoop is about joy, dance and physical positivity.




Acro Balance is about learning how to safely balance on your partner or partners. The basic level is to stand on your partner's feet, thighs or shoulders. Advanced skills involve standing on your partners head, doing a handstand in your partner's hands or being thrown and caught while flipping in the air. 


In an introductory class (60minutes), students will swap partners every 5 minutes whilst becoming familiar and confident with tricks, themselves and each other. 


With advanced or intermediate classes the sky is the limit!


This guides students through various theatre games before teaching skills and tools to help budding performers gain confidence and an ability to hone their unique circus style. 

We are happy to tailor our classes to your needs.


If your community requires a specific need or has requested a specific skill set we are also capable of the following:

- Fire spinning

- Juggling

- Clowning 

- Tumbling 

- Handstands

- General circus fitness

Please let us know if you would like a more detailed breakdown of any of the classes above. 

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