With the arts industry being erased over night. We have all be left a little wayward... Ground Running is a homework club so we can get encourage each other to up skill, focus and when all this eventually clears we can hit the ground running. 



This is club for all of us who are on uncertain ground. A club where we set tasks to get us ready for when the bans lifts, tasks are designed to be achievable and geared to lift the game of your arts practice and business, tasks will not cost money, tasks will be motivating so we can feel like we can hit the ground running when we can fully art again.

A club where we hold each other accountable to get shit done, where you are fined $2 for not doing your task.... yes, $2 because that's our arts budget.

The point is to collectively lift our game, use peer pressure positively and step the fuck up and create our own wins in these uncertain times. 


Main Club... Ground Running.  

Option 1 is a large group facilitated by CTT.

Tasks will be posted and monitored each week. I will track your progress via a little spread sheet and send you motivation/reminders when needed. 

Ground Running will be attended/facilitated via a private FB page. Each week I will set out 3 tasks and you can choose one or all tasks to complete. It is all about kick starting the productivity at your own pace so you select which ones are relevant and able to fit into your schedule. If you fail to compete a single task that week it will result in a $2 fine which will be donated to 1000 x 1000.

Here you can troubleshoot, brainstorm and ask questions (no question is a bad question). Tips, tricks and advice will be posted along with the tasks and most IMPORTANTLY you get to share the joy when you finish a task or feel our judgement when you don’t. Only kidding... but really, just do the fucking homework! 

Keep reading for detailed information on the tasks below.

Mini Clubs.

Option 2 is smaller groups which are self facilitated. 

Some of you may work better in smaller groups… I don’t have the bandwidth to run these but I am supportive and will email your team the full itinerary and task list when ever you wis.

Whatever is needed to get you up and running is fine by me. 

Solo Legend… You got this!

Like above, if you got this on your own that’s ace. I wish I had your power! PM me and I’ll send you the list. In return you can send me a happy meme when you nailed it! 



Starting from the 27th July -

The tasks will fall into either a business, physical or creative category. This way depending on your focus you will always have a task to select from. 

The club requires you to do one task per week, but you are welcome to do extra homework if you want!

Task rules. 

  • Tasks will never cost money 

  • Tasks will take between 1-3 hours 

  • Business tasks are the full admin mode. Bills, web, socials, cv, dropbox and excel focused. 

  • Creative tasks are designed to exercise and inspire your creative mind.

  • Physical tasks will always be achievable for any level. There has been a lot of feedback about lack of motivation physically, this is an extra for you. 

  • Some tasks might be a bit confusing or too basic... I’m not a wizard, send positive advice/
    feedback if necessary. 

  • The $2 fine is there as an annoying deterrent. It’s more about your brain avoiding the baggage which comes with a fine. Also, $2 is a funny amount and is donated to the arts so it’s all positive. 

  • If there is a task you think we would all benefit from please email, this is a growing collective project which benefits from feedback. 

  • Tasks are designed to make you feel good. Push yourself in the areas you want to grow.


Club runs from 27 JULY - 30 OCT... 

we will all be too busy after that. ;)


To join the club email: 


We will send you the link to the club page and get you started!

Questions, ideas or request for task sheet to malia@circustricketease.com


JOINING FEE - a sliding scale. 

If you don’t want to pay a joining fee that’s cool, just email me and I’ll send you the full schedule for free and you can start your own a Mini group or be a Solo Legend.

AS we are already poor at the moment, the joining fee will be on a sliding scale depending on your budget. Anywhere from $5 to $50 per person is good.


Once you pay the joining fee I’ll invite you to the group and you can start your weekly homework. 

Your joining fee pays for CTT to do all the admin, tracking, research and messaging. 

If you are late in joining up that’s fine too, just email me when you are up to it. Being motivated at the  moment is bloody hard, but if you are a 1 or 3 weeks late that's brilliant because you showed up and that’s the most important. If you are feeling shitty or unmotivated this could help, otherwise remember you can get free therapy sessions through your GP. x

Letter from the Director. 


Hopefully all this makes sense and you are keen to join! It’s a first time for me too so there are bound to be some bumps. 

If this all sounds like fun (and it will be, I’m all about the fun) send me an email and I’ll join you up!

Easy peasy. 

My aim is to make sure we ALL to hit the ground running when we can, however we can. 

Joining requests to info@circustricktease.com

Questions, ideas or request for task sheet to malia@circustricketease.com


Club starts on the 27th JULY, let’s do this!


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