Hand2Hand Incentive 

Hand2Hand is an annual incentive supporting circus artists to

present new and risky ideas on stage.

It’s a $2K cash advance to a random recipient with a creative itch to scratch.



Hand2Hand is funding experimental new work which do not easily fit existing grant processes or are otherwise unable to fund a work themselves. Successful applicants will be chosen at random and will receive $2k advance or to use towards a presentation. 


We aim for artists to “hand” back the funds to the Hand2Hand Incentive to be recycled by another artist in the next round in 2020. Thus, creating a creative "seed" to grow and pass on in a continuous cycle from artist to artist.

We have enough funds to seed x4 projects in 2020 - 2021.


Dates: Applications are accepted between the 10th Nov - 10th Dec.

Where: Email applications to hand2hand@circustricktease.com

When: Draw date 20 Dec via live video.


To apply, your show must meet the following criteria:

  1. Based in Australia.

  2. Have two or more performers. 

  3. Identify as circus. 

  4. Present publicly a minimum of 4 shows within 9 months of receiving the funds. (covid contingent)

  5. Applicants must submit the following to be eligible for the draw

  6. A show description, or artistic vision. (400-600 words).

  7. A viable budget.

  8. A media release.

  9. You will find easy templates on this page, click the tabs. 

Current Recipients


Selecting a random recipient celebrates chaos and removes any bias from the selection process, giving everyone an even chance.  


We put our art, heart and soul on stage before an audience. It’s scary, it’s hard, it’s excruciating. Let’s take the pressure off a little by not judging performers or their idea before the first rehearsal.




Our aim is for the incentive to act as a stepping stone to writing more formal grants. We whole heartedly recommend applying for grants, even if you are not successful they are an excellent process for refining a concept. 


We need to have a small criteria to ensure the applicant is serious and has the means to pay back the funds, otherwise the incentive will be very short lived.


We will not judge your artistic statement, it is simply required to prove you have an idea ready to develop and grow.


Creating a media release and a viable budget are necessary for performance season. Asking for these shows your dedication to the work, it is a massive head start for your showing.


We have created very basic templates which will make the process very stress free, please email us if there are any questions.

Success is not always finite, it is often a wandering path in the arts... sometimes the speed bumps are actually rocket launchers. 


The long term goal is to eventually grow to seed 10 projects every round. We believe in Australian independent arts and realise the growth of our circus industry comes from support, community and fierce competition.


To gather momentum, Circus Trick Tease will pledge all royalties to the incentive until we either hit 10 or shit hits the fan. 


Circus Trick Tease will manage the funds and application process. We will run a social media page to keep the community informed on how many shows will be in the draw.



We encourage and invite any company pledge $2k to invest for a new “creative seed” to circulate. Companies who are able to invest in Hand2Hand will have that seed named after them and celebrated at the draw every round. 


If you are one of these people please email Malia Walsh on info@circustricktease.com

Alternatively, if you an individual wanting to contribute please click on the ACF image below. You can give a tax deductible donation to create a "collective seed" which will go into circulation when it becomes $2k.

Creative Seed Investors 


In Case of Emergency 

  • This is a new incentive, please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions. 

  • We will be transparent with the funds via our social page, and acknowledge all contributors annually.

  • We are only accepting a full $2k investment as managing little bits of money is too time demanding.

  • A viable budget means all costs balance, your season projections are viable and you are able to earn enough from the season to circulate the funds. You will be advised if your budget does not meet the requirements.

  • Shit hitting the fan means that someone or everyone didn’t pay us back. It could also mean something serious happened to the organiser, in this case the project will simply pause and as a community we will discuss the best thing for the remaining funds at a suitable time. 

  • We will not support projects which are about racism, homophobia or sexism.

  • We realise this isn’t a lot of money but it’s something. We understand shit happens in the arts but we must trust in each other to make this work, in this event we can always have a chat and work something out. Please don’t apply if you don’t think you can pay us back.