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Adelaide Now.

"The Thunderstruck finale is worth the ticket price alone."

"A good circus act should be two things-fun and interactive. These guys have both commodities in spades."

The West - Smell of Success

"I am constantly getting emails from Mum's who are saying their kids are doing handstands against the wall and their confidence is skyrocketing"

The List

"This is a show that has it all"

Fringe Review.

"Circus skills of the highest order in pacey, engaging and noisy fifty minutes of pure bedlam."

"There's a genuine warmth and real care in their approach to involving the youngsters…"

Adelaide Now

"As for my kids? Well, they were left gobsmacked by the acrobatics and rolling in laughter at the jokes…Amazingly, even my two-year old was captivated; whooping and clapping the whole way through."


ED Fringe Review.

"Children Are Stinky" holds the whole tent spellbound with a mixture of lively humour and truly amazing acrobatics."

Edinburgh Festival for Kids.

" This is one show not to be missed-grab your tickets and prepare for a stinky, silly, superb adventure."

"Kylie and Jason lead us through a fluid and fast paced hour of amazing acrobatics, brilliant balancing, hypnotic hula hoopingand a smattering of stinky jokes all set to a great 90s soundtrack, sure to keep the audience moving!"

The Barefoot - Adelaide 2010

"Circus Trick Tease is an acrobatic smorgasbord of strength, balance and skill as three performers incorporate an elaborate array of circus tricks into a neat little story of three-way love."


Aussie Theatre - Melb 2010

"With a mixture of slap stick, innuendo and some of the best duo and trio acrobalance around, Circus Trick Tease continue to show that fabulous circus is much more then spectacular handstands and leopard print unitards."


Australian Stage - Melb 2010

"I especially enjoyed a raucous swing number which demonstrated how one should really handle a dance partner. Hilarious moments of shadow play revealed much about what performers really do when they go off stage, as egos flare up during quick costume changes."


The Reviews - Edinburgh 2010

"This is, without a doubt, a show to go and see and thoroughly enjoy – as did the ecstatic audience the night I went. If I don’t go into more detail about the acts themselves it is purely to allow you the pleasure of surprise on top of your delight in these folks’ brilliant skills and winning personalities."


Laneway Mag - Melb 2010

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Circus Trick Tease; an abnormal trio of acrobatic geniuses."


Arts Hub - Adelaide 2009

"The artists’ ability to perform these sometimes death defying acts whilst still maintaining a sense of fun is amazing. Ringside is a multi-dimensioned work oozing talent, humour and pure entertainment for the entire hour. A great night out and money well spent!"


The Music - Melb 2012

"Teasers by name and teasers by nature, Circus Trick Tease are one feature act at the infamous Gangster's Ball this September. Performer Shannon McGurgan let's a few tricks out of the bag. “One 'trick teaser' is Mr. Plonk picking up female audience members,” snickers McGurgan,"


The Age - Melb 2010

"WHENEVER Malia Walsh's grandfather, George, was in town, another character would arrive soon after: Curly the Clown. Like Superman and Clark Kent, the two were never seen together, and little Malia was pretty sure they were the same person."


Fringe Review- Edinbourgh 2010

"Head to head stands, human sculptures, jaw dropping acrobatics, dance and just a modicum of melodrama in this action packed hour of circus trickery.  "


Kryztoff - Adelaide 2009

"A hilariously entertaining hour by a crew of three acrobats as they clown around on stage with some impressive tricks, a lot of teasing, a bit of a jive, some clumsiness, some jealousy, some rivalry, a lot of flirting and not just one tantrum."


Highbeam - Edinburgh 2010

"Probably putting all these acts into the Supper Room, which is quite small - particularly some of the circus acts. There's this Australian trio called Circus Trick Tease. They bounce off each other doing these acrobatic feats, and it's so close to the ceiling!"


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