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Swing Trio
Special guests of the Sydney Juggling Convention 2010... because we juggle humans!
'Twas a delight to be introduced by the incredible
Mario Queen of the Universe and perform at the
Enmore Theatre.
Featuring: Malia Walsh, Shannon McGrurgan & Farhad Ahadi.

Barons of Tang & Jim Batt Collaboration.
An incredible experience to work with Jim Batt, an artistic legend and the unforgettable Barons. Shot at the iconic Red Bennies in its hay day at 3am the day of our flight to Edinburgh Fringe.
Featuring: The mighty Barons of Tang, wonderful crew of bar folk and us.

Lovely gift promo.


We did a show for the lovely people in Emerald as part of the PAVE Festival on our Regional Tour with R.A.V. We were delighted that the wonderful folk there made us a new promo!

Zoe Porter collaboration.
This astounding Brisbane based artist creates work with a live
band and performers as part of a complete experience. Shot in 2015 in Brunswick, Porter also created costumes worn by performers.
Featuring: Zoe Porter, Shannon McGurgan & Malia Walsh

First ever trio show.


Such a delight to have footage of this performance, as this is where it all developed. Shot at the Queen Vic Night markets in 2007 with storm clouds gathering


Featuring: Baby faces.

Interviews &

Interview for Sunrise - 2020

Best fun you can have at a 5am shoot! 

Being cheeky in Scotland.


Not sure who shot this footage but it's a delight to have a copy of our shenanigans.

Interview at the Fringe - 2008.


Our second season in Adelaide Fringe, we were asked to do our first interview. Shot in the Garden of Unearthly Delights in front of our darling little venue.

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