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Trick Tease

The original

Our first work together, what a ride.... whoop!

"A supercharged showstopper.” 

- Adelaide Advertiser (Aus)


Take one very sensitive strongman, his neurotic acrobatic femme fatale, add a confused, international act (for a touch of exotic glamour), plus a smoulder of sexual tension - what do you get? Circus Trick Tease of course!

 Australia’s raunchiest, cheekiest and most raucous circus has  wowed audiences world wide with their incredible displays of acrobatics, heart stopping three-person-high balances & precarious human skipping rope.

Come on down and join Plonk, Ghazanfar and the lovely Miss Tinkle for a night at the circus like no other. Gasp! Guffaw! Be seduced by the dazzling acrobatics, precarious balances and gratuitous headstands of Circus Trick Tease.


"A heart warming acrobatics act demonstrating possession of grace, beauty, agility and strength in equal measure."

- The Scotsman (Scotland)

"Supercharged showstopper."


- Adelaide Advertiser (Aus)

“This is, without a doubt, a show to go and see”

- The Public Reviews (Edinburgh)

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Winner - ACAPTA Award, Melbourne Fringe 2008
Winner – People’s Choice Award, Melbourne Fringe 2008
Nominee – People’s Choice Award, Adelaide Fringe 2009


Career Highlights

- Opening of Hamer Hall, Arts Centre 2012
- Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012
- 4 week New Zealand tour 2012
- 3 week tour Wales and London 2011
- Tasmanian Circus Festival 2011/2009
- Edinburgh Fringe 2010
- London National Theatre,  watch this space 2010
- 6 week sell out Regional Arts Victoria  tour 2010
- Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010
- Adelaide Festival, sell out season 2009/2010


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