CAN’T FACE goes there! Dressed up in sequins and smut CAN’T FACE erupts with epic stunts, humor, circus & song. Boldly peeling back the curtain on the unspoken, CAN’T FACE risks every embarrassment to take a run at the taboo and politically incorrect.


Strap in for 60 minutes of awe, wonder and guilty laughter as CAN’T FACE wrap stunning skills around a sucker punch at life and dip it all in clever cheekiness. Four hot performers at the peak of their powers ask…


Can't face life? Can't face art? Can’t face rules? What is it you Can't Face?


Malia Walsh: Comedic circus artist and provocateur. Producer/performer of award winning Children are Stinky & Circus Trick Tease.

Carol Cates: Songstress with a dark side. Darling of UK cabaret, her sly wit and haunting voice have earned her 5 star reviews from the Scotsman and BBC.

Vincent Van Berkel: Strongman with a soft side. A skilled and experimental circus artist (Casus, Perhaps Hope).

Jamie Bretman: Clown with a twist. Funny as hell and multi-skilled (Trash Test Dummies).

What do you get when four performers, all with hit shows under their belts, set out to do everything they shouldn’t do? You get the stealth hit of the 2017 Melbourne Fringe, that’s what!


What the performers said,

“We really thought we would only ever do the one season before being drummed out of town.”

“This was the first time I had to think twice about inviting my mum to one of my gigs.”


What the reviews said,

“Challenging political norms and revelling in all that is usually left unsaid, this show was enormously funny and sharp. The performers are highly skilled and original. Despite creating an air of chaos, this show was tight, surprising and wonderfully edgy. Loved the pitch perfect original music.” *****

“Through its cheeky acts, Can't Face manages to entertain but also intelligently critique and highlight various contentious issues in society…smartly smutty.” *****


What the audience said,

“The best mix of comedy, circus and cabaret! Plus, I love saying the name…a lot.”

“I could not stop laughing. Laughing at things I never thought I would see!”




Can't Face

Can't face art? Can't face life? What is it you can't face?




Career Highlights
- Winners of the "SA touring award" Melb fringe 2017

- Nominated for "Best Circus" Melb fringe 2017

- Winners Best Circus Adelaide Weekly Fringe Festival 2018 





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We love this show, it was born out of a strong love of the arts and our deep creative passions.

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