Cabaret Acts

Circus Trick Tease also offers short, sweet and punchy acts perfect for any line up show. These acts are fun, cheeky, spectacular and down right entertaining. All acts are flexable and can find a piece to suit any venue or night.

Swing Show
Trio Acrobatics

This stunning 1940‘s acrobatic show will astound with effortless balances and delight with their unique comedic edge. Performed world wide, this is the groups signature act and is guaranteed to impress.

“A Comedy Festival treat of physical buffoonery.” The Age (Melbourne)
“Stunning” The Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Malia Walsh
Hula Hoop Extraordinaire

Malia Walsh has a sharp eye for costumes, a keen ear for music and a passion for high energy choreography. Her performing style is unique, captivating and highly skilled. Sheer commitment to the stage has seen her rise to dizzying heights, performing her solo across Asia, the UK, Europe and most recently Broadway in NYC. 

Aussie Rock
Trio Acrobatics

Sexy, daring and cheeky choreography all wrapped up in a Australian rock and roll melody. Featuring unique and staggering acrobatics that will make you catch your breath and of course plenty of tongue in cheek comedy to complete this acrobatic rock anthem.

Farhad Ahadi
Handstand Daredevil

Farhad the amazing Persian handstand man pulls out his collection of Babushka styled boxes and begins to perform upside-down acts of balance and grace on each box. He will astound audiences with his strength as he performs one hand balances on top of a 1.5 meter high tower. The act reaches dizzying heights, which culminates in a headstand on the bottom of an upturned bottle. 

Tinkle & Plonk
Duo Acrobat show

The act is traditional circus with a hint of cabaret, a splash of comedy and a bucket load of acrobatics to create the perfect amount of circus satire. The duo argue and fight though out the act, then surprise even themselves with spectacular human balances that will have audience members astounded and cheering for these loveable idiots.

Shannon McGurgan
Professional Strongman

Shannon aka Mr Plonk has massive muscles but he is as delicate as a flower. Mr Plonk’s feat of strength involves lifting  4 women simultaneously on a swing set, proving he is Australia’s greatest pick up artist. An act of strength you’ll never forget.

Duo Acrobat show

 Two Strongmen astound the audience as they muscle themselves into impossible balances and positions. Their power and strength is inspiring, jaws drop as one man does a handstand on only one hand on top of the other mans head. This act is impressive!

Malia Walsh
Aerial Keg

A cheeky, daring, hilarious and highly original aerial act. Sharil drunkenly dances and falls about above the audiences head on an actual swinging keg. The audience will be thrilled and maybe a little nervous as this tipsy lady will do anything in her power to just have that one last drink.

Duo Acrobatics

These two buffoons are adorable in their attempts to get this act right. They stumble around each other managing to get themselves into the most extraordinary, original and incredible acrobatic moves. The audience will be amazed as a small lady lifts a man above her… in a handstand!!!

Mr McGurgan
Hula Hooper

Shannon’s Hula Hoop act is refreshing, powerful and original. The act is a fusion of grace, masculinity and skill. Performed to some iconic Australian Rock, this piece is bound to get the audience fired up.

For the Kids
Duo Acrobatics

Super dooper high calibre circus to a 90’s mega mix, need I say more? Featuring all the best dance moves, strong lady antics, thrilling partner acrobatics and audience participation. This act will have you dancing in your seat.

Malia Walsh
Fire Act

A dangerous and sexy act, fire is eaten and drawn across the body, creating a scintillating spotlight on the performer. With over 10 years experience in the art, Malia has developed her own unique style and her own unique props to deliver an incredible and memorable act.

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